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How do I select a garage? 

Once you have found a site/sites you are interested in, we recommend that you carry out an external viewing of the property to aid your decision. Please note that some sites have security gates therefore access may be restricted. Unfortunately, internal viewings of the garages are not possible; however each garage is checked and confirmed as suitable for rental by our experienced contractors.

How do I get access to the garage? 

Each garage is fitted with a combination padlock. You will be provided with the combination number over the telephone once full payment is received and documents have been signed. If your chosen site has a security gate which requires a key, the key will be posted to you by first class mail free of charge alternatively you can visit our offices to collect. 

How big are the garages? 

Most are a standard size of approximately 16ft x 8ft (5m x 2.5m), however larger garages are available.

Is a deposit required? 

Yes, the deposit required is currently 200.00 which is refundable at the expiration of the rental agreement subject to all clauses being adhered to, i.e. left clean and tidy with locks in place and the correct notice to vacate has been served etc.

What does my first payment consist of? 

The initial invoice includes the refundable deposit together with the pro-rata rent, calculated from the date of enquiry to the end of the current billing quarter (see quarterly billing dates below).

How is the quarterly rent paid? 

We invoice and the rent is payable quarterly in advance of the quarter dates, being 25th March, 24th June, 29th September and 25th December. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card/debit card subject to card charges or alternatively you can opt to set up a standing order. All new tenants are provided with standing order details, existing tenants can be provided with same on request.  Please note should you opt to pay by cheque, we require them to have cleared by the due date bearing in mind cheques take 5 working days to clear therefore cheques must be dated at least 7 days in advance of the due date.

What is the minimum period I can rent a garage for? 

Most people choose to enter into an on-going quarterly agreement, however we also offer the option of a shorter term agreement, the shortest period being one month although this arrangement may be subject to a one-off administration fee of 25.00.

If I choose a short term rental do I have the option to extend? 

Yes, however all extensions must be applied for in writing/email prior to the expiration of licence period. The minimum period that you may extend is one month.  Once you reach the end of the first month extension and wish to extend further we are only able to offer an extension to the end of that current quarter period.

What should I consider when using a garage for storage? 

We would recommend that if using the garage for storage, like with storage of any item in any facility, items should be placed off the ground and on pallets, goods should not be stacked hard against walls - allowing ventilation, and items are appropriately covered with polythene or similar.

Who insures my goods? 

We do not accept any responsibility for motor vehicles/goods stored in the garage/s, nor the use of any access/egress and we therefore suggest that if insurance is required you contact your own insurers.  We reiterate you store at your own risk and clearly state our client the landlord and we as managing agents accept no responsibility for damages or theft of your contents and you enter and exit the premises at your own risk.

How much notice do I have to give to vacate the lock-up garage? 

The standard notice period is one full quarters written notice, e.g. if you wished to vacate the garage on the 25th March quarter day you should serve notice before the previous quarter day (25th December). We refer you to clause 1 of the Licence Agreement for further details.

Can I transfer to another garage if the unit or location is no longer suitable? 

Should you wish to transfer to another garage, a charge of 50 will be levied for this service, in this situation your licence agreement will be canceled on your current garage and a new  Licence Agreement will be produced for your signature with reference to the re-located garage

Who is responsible for maintenance of the garage? 

We operate our own in-house maintenance division to satisfy any queries that you may have. However, you would be responsible for ensuring the door mechanism and padlocks are kept oiled and that any problems are reported to us before they deteriorate.

How can I find out more? 

Please call our office on 01634 582 588 where one of our fully trained Lettings consultants will be happy to help you find a suitable garage in the location of your choice.   Our working hours are Monday – Friday 09:00am – 17:00pm

For out of hour queries please call 07931 970 560.

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